Yellen run down, oil running down, Russian run and the currency down under

It’s hard to believe the holidays are here with so much action in the markets. We try to make sense of it all by understanding the different elements of the important Fed decision, the impact of oil prices various countries, a focus on Russia’s ruble, the resulting emergency SNB decision and the fate of the currency down under: the Aussie.

Welcome to a new episode of Market Movers, presented by Lior Cohen of Trading NRG and Yohay Elam of Forex Crunch.You are welcome to listen, subscribe and provide feedback.

The topics:

  1. Fed: Balanced statement with confident Janet: The Fed very gently replaced the “considerable time” wording and balanced its words carefully. But then came Yellen with some upbeat comments. What does this all mean? We provide a full explanation.
  2. Oil prices: The value of the black gold is just slipping away. Where can it find a bottom? What are the implications on various countries and most importantly, we explain how to trade it.
  3. Russian rampage: It’s hard to ignore the drama in the ruble, what it means for other currencies and what the results could be for the global economy.
  4. Negative Swiss: The Russian action is one of the reasons for an emergency action by Switzerland, but also the looming ECB QE weighs.
  5. Aussie Angst: The Australian dollar continues sliding. We discuss the reasons, and the next targets for AUD/USD.

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