OptionTrade Wins the Bizz 2015, Award for Business Excellence

We are thrilled to announce that OptionTrade, our Binary Options brand, has received the award for Business Excellence 2015 from the World Confederation of Businesses.

The award, officially known as the Bizz 2015, highlights┬áOptionTradeÔÇÖs consistent commitment to business excellence across a number of areas including managerial leadership, management systems, product quality, innovation and social responsibility.

Binary Options trading is a fast growing market and it takes a strong company to not only keep up with market developments and demands, but to gain recognition as one of the best brokers in the business.

This award speaks volume of OptionTrade’s efforts to maintain the highest business standards and develop unique products and services that best address the needs of the market.

OptionTrade will continue to provide the very best customer service and deliver innovative products to ensure clientsÔÇÖ expectations are not just met, but exceeded in every way.

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