Fed rundown, GDP outlook, Greek elections analysis and AUD down under

The US returns to the limelight with the Fed decision and the first release of US GDP. What are the implications for the dollar? Before diving into this, we analyze the impact of the Greek elections for the euro in the short and long terms. And AUD is also on the agenda with a possible rate cut in the land down under.

  1. Alexit?: Greece clearly voted against austerity. How will the landslide victory for SYRIZA mean for the European landscape. How close will Alexis Tsipras get to a Grexit? We analyze the impact for EUR/USD.

  2. FOMC rundown: The Fed didn’t rock the boat and eventually managed to do so, but we still did get some hints in the statement. What are the implications for the dollar? When will the US raise rates?

  3. US GDP preview: Q4 could be a payback quarter after a great Q3, but if the Fed isn’t worried, should we be? Also note the Employment Cost Index which could shed some light on wages.

  4. Aussie under pressure: AUD fell quite a lot and is certainly not disconnected from its peer commodity currencies. Will the RBA cut rates on February 3rd? We discuss the situation in Australia.

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