AUDUSD: 0.8635-0.8650 on the upside, 0.8425-0.8440 on the downside.

28th  of   November 2014

BETA – Propareos levels (areas where probabilities of price action reversal or saturation reach 90%; valid till 09:00 GMT):

  • EURUSD:   1.2550 -1.2565  on the upside, 1.2360-1.2375  on the downside.
  • AUDUSD:  0.8635-0.8650  on the upside, 0.8425-0.8440  on the downside.
  • USDJPY:  118.70-118.85   on the upside, 116.50-116.65  on the downside.
  • GBPUSD:  1.5855-1.5870  on the upside, 1.5635-1.5650  on the downside.
  • USDCAD:  1.1430-1.1445  on the upside, 1.1120-1.1135  on the downside.
  • NZDUSD:  0.7930-0.7945  on the upside, 0.7740 – 0.7755  on the downside.
  • EURJPY:  147.75-147.90  on the upside, 146.05-146.20   on the downside.
  • EURGBP: 0.7965-0.7980  on the upside, 0.7855-0.7870   on the downside.
  • XAUUSD: 1210.00-1220.00  on the upside, 1160.00-1170.00  on the downside.
  • BRENT:  82.00-83.00  on the upside, 68.00-69.00   on the downside.
  • SP500:  2090.00-2100.00  on the upside, 2025.00-2035.00  on the downside.

Warning! Propareos levels do not take into account fundamental developments. Their validity is reduced on days when the NFP is released and when Central Banks change their interest rate.


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