8% Fixed Income for Forex and Binary Options – GDMFX

Up to 8% Fixed Income Program Available for the first time ever for both Forex and Binary Traders. 8% Annual Interest Rate applied on the Traders Own Free Funds and compounded monthly.

Link:  8% Fixed Income for Forex and Binary

Available to: All new traders

Bonus Offer: GDMFX is proud to announce the launch of its 8% Fixed Income program for Forex and Binary Options Traders.

Properties of the Promotion

The Customer has Eligible Deposited Capital of minimum USD 1,000.00 or its equivalent in another currency in the Trading Account for which the promotion is being requested.

Each Trading Account participating in this Promotion shall earn an annual interest of 8% on its Own Free Funds compounded monthly.

Own Free Funds shall refer to the participating Trading Account’s Free Margin minus Credit. “Free Margin” and “Credit” as defined in the company’s trading platform.

Customers are allowed to make subsequent deposits into the participating account but that will change certain conditions of the promotion as specified in these terms.

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