50 USD Forex trading credits on your trial live account – AETOS

Get 50 USD Forex trading credits on your trial live account. we are offering new clients trial account with 50 USD trading credits to experience the fun of live trading!

Link: 50 USD Forex trading credits on your trial live account

Bonus Ending Date: 31 December 2017

Bonus offer: 50 USD Forex trading credits on your trial live account

Live trial account details are as follows

  • 1. What is live trial account?
  • AETOS will advance USD50 trading credits to each live trial account. The account type will be set as mini account or professional account. The client is not allowed to withdraw the trading credits, but he/she will be able to withdraw the profit made with the trading credits.
  • 2. How to obtain a live trial account?
  • Any participant to the AETOS Trading Tournament, who has never owned any live accounts in AETOS, may have a trial account from the Introducing Brokers (IB) of AETOS.
  • 3. Please contact your IB to set up your trial account as AETOS does not offer trial account service directly to clients.
  • 4. Live trial account instructions:
  • 4.1 The validity of a trial account is 3 months, starting from the registration date. The account will expire automatically if no deposit has been made to activate the account.
  • 4.2 To comply with Global Anti-Money Laundering Policy, the client who accepts the trial account will have to open a mini trading account or a professional account in AETOS, and provide genuine personal data for registration. The client will then receive the USD50 trading credits through the registered account.
  • 4.3 Live trial account is to be used by the designated client. It is not allowed to be given to other people.
  • 4.4 Each client can only have one trial account.
  • 4.5 The USD50 in the trial account is advanced trading credits which is not allowed to be withdrawn. However, the client can withdraw any earned profit in 30 days after the trial account activation.
  • 4.6 A client who has a trial account and deposits, will enjoy the promotion of Cash Bonus for New Client Deposits at the same time, and best of all, he/she may have the unused trading credits converted into real fund. Click here to view the details of “Cash Bonus for New Client Deposits”.
  • 4.7 The USD50 provided in the trial account is trading credits only, it cannot serve as fund deposit for other AETOS promotions, such as Cash Bonus for for New Client Deposits.


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