25 USD Forex No Deposit Welcome Bonus – TeleTrade

$25 No Deposit Welcome Bonus Promotions to all new Customers for China and Taiwan. Experience grants places are limited, while supplies last! Please do not miss this good opportunity cost 0 profit!

Link: $25 No Deposit Bonus Promotions

Available to: All new Customers (only China and Taiwan)

Bonus Ending Date: From March 25, 2016, until further notice.

Bonus offer: $25 No Deposit Bonus Promotions to All new Customers

Eligibility: all except TeleTrade new customers, IB brokers and their clients.

In order to allow our customers to experience the fun of transaction speed, TeleTrade special treatment Department will be held March 25, 2016 sent $ 25 bonus envelopes. New customers do not need the gold, you can get $ 25 bonus envelopes. 1.5 completed within the specified number of lots 30-day trading period, more profit can be extracted. Do not miss this good opportunity cost 0 profit!

The event promotions and special treatment by the TeleTrade exchange, referred to as “the company” hold new customers during the event (with the exception of client agents) can participate, each IP / per family / per trading account each person receive experience bonus once;

The experience only China and Taiwan area to participate in activities;

To confirm the identity and qualifications, participants must provide proof of identity documents match the name, after the six-digit ID number, contact telephone number and email address;

Registration of eligible participants must be approved by the Company provided by operating experience accounts, other accounts can not be shared rights;

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