100% Withdrawable Deposit Bonus up to $5000 – NordFX

100% Forex Withdrawable Deposit Bonus up to $5000. When the specified number of lots is closed after receiving a bonus, it will become withdrawable.

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Link:  100% Withdrawable Deposit Bonus

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Available to: All new acconut

Bonus Ending Date: 31 December 2018

Bonus offer: 100% Forex Withdrawable Deposit Bonus up to $5000

Promotion Rules and Conditions

  • The customer has the right to get the bonus only once and for one account only.
  • If the customer has several accounts, the bonus can be obtained for one account only.
  • From one IP address one can obtain only one bonus. If the bonus is credited to two (or more) accounts opened from one IP, the bonus amount will be written off from all accounts except the account for which the bonus was first requested.
  • An internal transfer between accounts is not counted as a deposit. Hence, the application for a bonus cannot be submitted for a deposit made by internal transfer.
  • The ÔÇ£100% Withdrawable BonusÔÇØ promotion is intended only for ÔÇ£MicroÔÇØ and ÔÇ£StandardÔÇØ MT4 accounts. The offer does not extend to ÔÇ£Welcome!ÔÇØ, ÔÇ£Account 1:1000,ÔÇØ ÔÇ£ZuluTrade,ÔÇØ ÔÇ£Standard-MT5,ÔÇØ ÔÇ£MT-ECN,ÔÇØ ÔÇ£PremiumÔÇØ and ÔÇ£IntegralÔÇØ accounts.
  • The ÔÇ£100% Withdrawable BonusÔÇØ offer does not extend to accounts to which any other bonuses have already been awarded.
  • To obtain the 100% withdrawable bonus, the customer should fund his/her account and submit a bonus claim to the support service.
  • Only closed non-zero transactions shall be considered.
  • If the assets of the account (equity) decrease so as to reach the level of the bonus amount, the positions shall be closed automatically.
  • Withdrawals from the trading account, including transfers between accounts or a transfer of assets to the TraderÔÇÖs Office balance, are prohibited until the conditions of the lots are fulfilled.
  • If funds are withdrawn from the trading account before the conditions of the lots are fulfilled, the bonus will be recalled.
  • No employees or partners of the company may participate in this promotion.

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