100% Bonus to Your Live Trading Account – FXCL Markets

100% Bonus to Your Live Trading Account, Maximum Bonus per trader is $2000. FXCL Markets doubles your chances to profit with the Dual Bonus

Link: 100% Welcome Deposit Bonus

Available to: All new traders

Ending Date: 8 January 2016

Bonus Offer: 100% Bonus to Your Live Trading Account, Maximum Bonus per trader is $2000

How your trading power will be doubled?

Suppose, you have deposited 200 USD in your live trading account. So, your trading capabilities are limited within 200 USD. Because of this small percentage of equity, even if there is a very good opportunity to gain profit, you must trade in small volume in order to control your trading risk. Sometimes, you are sacrificing trading opportunities as you are not sure about profit. In the process, you are winning small but loosing big. You will be wondering if you get a deposit of 400 USD, your trading power will be doubled. You will have the freedom to control your risk and make double profit at the same time! Will you miss this opportunity?

Double your chances to profit with the Dual Bonus

FXCL Markets is always ready to provide superior services to the traders. All the impressive offers have a definite aim to make the profit earning process as simple as possible. This time, FXCL Markets is going to double your chances to profit with the Dual Bonus offer.  Simply make a deposit to your live trading account and receive a 100% Bonus applied to your account.

ThatÔÇÖs not all! There is another good news- Not only is your trading power doubled, but so is the lifetime of this Bonus!

How to get the duel bonus?

To get this incredible bonus offer, you need to pass only two steps:

  • Make any deposit to your live account
  • Request the gift at [email protected] naming the bonus and your account number
  • The promotion is available between Oct. 26, 2015 and Jan. 8, 2016

This bonus can be withdrawn!

You can withdraw the bonus after completing a trading turnover (in lots) equal to 1/10 of the bonus size. Example: In case you received $50 to the bonus you need to trade ($50 / 10 = 5) 5 lots to move the bonus funds to your balance. The Bonus is automatically transferred to your account’s balance after trading terms have been completed.

What are you waiting for?

DonÔÇÖt miss the opportunity to break your trading barriers! Grab the duel bonus offer with FXCL and continue your journey towards achieving excellence in trading!

Free Forex Trading Signal:

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